Penndel Mental Health Center

Intellectual Disability Services

Eligibility Requirements

Eligibility is IQ testing which reflects scores of 70 or lower prior to age 22 – the reports must reflect that the evaluator believes the results to be valid and a true reflection of the person’s IQ. Testing evaluation must reflect that professionally accepted testing tools, including an adaptive behavior scale and/or Vineland, have been performed and a formal diagnosis determined. Eligibility for Special Education services or a particular diagnosis does not automatically qualify someone as eligible for ODP supports.

How to get services started:

Initial registration for Intellectual Disabilities (ID) services (including Supports Coordination) is completed through the Bucks County Office of Mental Health/Developmental Programs Office. Applicants call the Intake Referral Line at 215-444-2847; an Intake Coordinator will contact the caller and arrange a meeting and place of mutual convenience.

At intake, all available IQ and functional/adaptive needs documentation is reviewed and the intake worker also will request copies of IEP’s, Educational Evaluation Reports, medical information; medical insurance information; financial information; Social Security card; and birth certificate. The intake worker will complete some assessments that will clarify what is important to the applicant and their family and their priorities.

What is Intellectual Disability services- (ID)

Supports Coordination

  • Develop Individual Supports Plan with the individual and family/team and update as needed
  • Locate services in the community that may be needed or of interest to the person and make referrals as needed – the types of information may include medical providers; social and recreational activities that may be of interest to the person; diagnosis specific support group; insurance information; community services the individual needs to live at home or in the community (ie Social Security or Medical Assistance).
  • Coordinate services and supports identified in the ISP
  • Locate natural supports within the community that individuals with intellectual disabilities can access and participate in
  • Monitor services and supports outlined in the ISP to assure the individual is receiving the appropriate quality, type, and frequency of services identified

Waiver Funding

Registration with your local administrative entity and intake with Supports Coordination Services does NOT guarantee funding for home and community based services (waivers). During the process of Individual Service Plan development, Supports Coordinators, with the assistance of family and the individual’s team members, identify and assess current and future needs which are conveyed to the county and state. Waiver funding is allocated based upon availability of funding as well as assessment and prioritization of needs when additional funding is available.

Financial Information

Families are often expected to report and provide personal financial information regarding their loved ones in order to determine and maintain benefit eligibility. It is highly recommended that those who are rep payees for their loved ones strongly consider creating and maintaining separate financial accounts if their loved one receives financial benefits (SSI, SSDI, Cash assistance etc). This helps greatly in the financial renewal processes that are mandated by the State of Pennsylvania.

Annual Physicals and Waiver Renewals

Individuals are expected to complete an annual physical in order to maintain eligibility for waiver services (if they receive waiver funding). The approved annual physical form that must be completed can be located here:


Contact Information

  • Supports Coordination ID Director Demeka Gaines

  • Supports Coordination ID Assistant Director: Emily Schulz