Penndel Mental Health Center


Office Location

Main Center 1517 Durham Rd Penndel Pa 19047

Contact Information

Program Coordinator: (215) 752-1541 ext 1712

The Transitional Outpatient Program (TOP) at Penndel Mental Health Center offers intensive outpatient services for those who need more than individual therapy once a week but less intensive treatment than inpatient or partial hospitalization.  Top includes individual therapy once per week and group therapy between two and five days per week.  Clients will receive medication management and be referred for additional services as warranted.

How do I get services started? (Include who to call, documentation needed, and process, if applicable)

An individual may be referred to TOP by another professional (Doctor, therapist, or case manager). Self-referrals are also accepted for individuals currently receiving other services at Penndel Mental Health Center. TOP staff contacts individuals to schedule their initial appointment within a few days from the date of the referral. 

Eligibility Requirements

This program is for individuals 18 and older with Mental Health or Mental Health and D&A diagnosis. Insurance eligibility is determined on case by case basis.

Program description – what services are included and the primary functions of the staff or program elements

TOP program offers short term (4-6 months) intensive outpatient treatment to adults with chronic mental illness. We use an individualized, recovery oriented, strength based approach that is implemented through group and individual therapy as our two main forms of treatment. TOP staff works on strengthening each individual’s support system to help them transition to less intense Outpatient therapy and/or Medication Management Treatment. TOP services are offered up to 5 days a week with up to 4 services available each day. Each day usually consists of a combination of group and individual sessions. Medication management appointments and Peer Support services are incorporated in each individual’s schedule as needed.

Examples of TOP Group topics:

  • Self-Esteem
  • Anger Management
  • Recovery
  • Recovering from Trauma
  • Communication Skills
  • Stress Management
  • Healthy Relationships
  • Grief and Loss
  • Goal Setting