Penndel Mental Health Center


Eligibility Criteria

All individuals interested in the utilization of P.A.T.H Outreach Services are highly encouraged to first contact Housing Link at 1-800-810-4434. Housing Link will then submit referrals to Penndel Mental Health Center’s P.A.T.H. Program to conduct homelessness site verification.



Individuals are encouraged to contact Housing Link (1-800-810-4434) to help determine eligibility regarding homelessness outreach and resources. A combination of Housing Link referral and site verification through P.A.T.H determines eligibility.

What is PATH?

The P.A.T.H Program is a federally funded program that provides outreach and collaboration with a variety of individuals and programs throughout Bucks County. The P.A.T.H. Program works at the behest of the county of Bucks and the county residents. P.A.T.H provides linkages to assist eligible individuals in working towards obtaining benefits, housing and financial rental assistance (where applicable), eviction prevention support (in some cases) and can assist individuals in having application fees for housing waived (in some cases). P.A.T.H also helps homeless individuals connect with health care providers and supports as well. P.A.T.H. assists individuals experiencing homelessness in locating emergency shelter while also assisting individuals in applying for benefits such as: Social Security, medical assistance, cash assistance and subsidized housing.

The P.A.T.H. Program at Penndel Mental Health Center is not an agency specific program. This program operates through administrative funding from Bucks County. The P.A.T.H. Program does not provide available housing listings nor are they a housing authority. The P.A.T.H Program is designed as an outreach program, not a housing program.