Penndel Mental Health Center



To make a referral to BHRS:

Please call 215-757-8611 or fax at 215-757-8699

To make a referral to Family Based:

Please call 215-752-8679 or fax at 215-750-9310

Intensive Behavioral Health Services – IBHS

In early 2020 BHRS ( Wrap-Around) , was transitioned to IBHS services. IBHS are  interventions and supports for children , youth, and young adults under the age of 21 with mental, emotional and behavioral health needs. Services can be provided in the home, school or other community settings.

These individual services are therapeutic interventions that are used to reduce and manage needs that are identified in an individual treatment plan. They help increase coping strategies and support skill development to promote positive behaviors. Individual services  include Behavior Consultation services, Mobile Therapy and Behavior Health Technician services.

All  children, youth and young adults who present with a primary behavioral health diagnosis are eligible to receive IBHS . They must have a written order completed by an individual with department approved credentials. A follow up face to face assessment will then be completed which will recommend specific services and hours.

A copy of our annual quality report is available to the public upon request.  A link to the Penndel Mental Health Center Statistical Summary, which is contained in the Annual Report, can be accessed here. 

Annual Report Final

For more information about obtaining IBHS services, the written order and assessment process, please call 215-757-8611