Penndel Mental Health Center


Questions about Adult Residential Services?

For more information regarding our residential programs, please call 267-587-2371 ext.1433

Community Residential Rehabilitation (ICRR)

The Intensive CRR program is a licensed, recovery based setting that is a two year transitional program. There are fourteen adults that reside in either individual or shared apartments. Residents are offered 24 hour, 7days a week coverage. The program works on building skills in all areas of adult daily living and assisting the residents in focusing on the whole self to prepare for a successful transition to independent living.

Supportive Living Programs (SLP) and Supportive Housing Programs (SHP)

Penndel Mental Health Center offers both SLP and SHP to eligible individuals in community settings with the goal of providing supports based on the individual’s needs. Services provided may include supporting and assisting individuals to obtain needed services in the community.

Penndel Mental Health Center offers:

SH Morrisville: offers housing in a Victorian style apartment building for nine mixed gender adults with minimal supervision.

SLP Golden Ridge: is a single family home that houses six adults. Our staff assists residents with medication management, shopping, cooking, and other needs that may arise.

SLP Franklin: is a single family home that houses five males. Residents in this program utilize natural supports as well as agency based support services.

SLP Glen Hollow: is HUD funded housing that supports individuals that are currently homeless. This program has six two bedroom apartments.

SH PATH HUD: offers 5 apartments for individuals who are chronically homeless.