Executive Staff

Karen Graff
Executive Director

Karen Buher
Director of Child & Family Services and Residential Programs

David Marsden
Director of Business Development & Technology

Janice Noe
Director of Intellectual Disabilities Services

Kristen Peak
Director of Case Management and Community Treatment Services

Hema Gandhi
Director of Finance

Elodie Witkowski
Director of Mental Health Outpatient Services

Shelly Oxenhorn, M.D.
Medical Director

Carrie Myers
Human Resources Coordinator

Douglas Oberreit
Corporate Compliance Officer

Mike Timm
Facilities Coordinator


Phone Numbers

Please use the following numbers to contact Penndel Mental Health Center:

Outpatient Main Center: (215) 752-1541
Admin/ Outreach Offices: (267) 587-2300
919 Durham Rd Office: (267) 569-1130