Adult Residential Programs

Quality service is the focus of PMHC’s Adult Residential Programs.  Our residential programs serve adults who are residents of Bucks County.

The Intensive Community Residential Rehabilitation (ICRR) is designed as a transitional living service with emphasis on psycho-social rehabilitation and community integration.  Staff strives to provide a comprehensive intensive residential program specifically designed to assist eligible individuals to develop skills for independent living and community participation.  The ICRR Program is staffed by mental health professionals and technicians 24 hours a day, seven days a week. 

The ICRR services are specifically designed to assist persons recovering from major mental illness and/or presenting significant problems in social, vocational or interpersonal functioning resulting from serious mental illness.  Staff offer training and assistance in the skills of community living and by serving as an integrating focus for the person’s rehabilitation.

The Supported Living Program (SLP) assists eligible individuals in community settings with the goal of providing  supports based on the individual’s needs.  Services provided in an SLP include supporting and assisting individuals to obtain needed services in the community.

For more information about Residential Services contact
Residential Staff, 215-826-1720

Phone Numbers

Please use the following numbers to contact Penndel Mental Health Center:

Outpatient Main Center: (215) 752-1541
Admin/ Outreach Offices: (267) 587-2300
919 Durham Rd Office: (267) 569-1130