Administrative Case Management and PATH

Administrative Case Management (ACM) provides assistance to adults with severe and persistent mental illness in acquiring and utilizing benefits and services such as housing, medication, transportation, medical assistance, social security, employment etc… ACM primarily targets those individuals who do not have medical assistance; consumers who when coming out of a community hospital, prison, or state hospital often fell through the cracks due to lack of follow up and coordination of care. The ACM depart is designed to address the above and provides time limited services to these consumers. If there should be a need for ongoing case management, the consumer will be referred to more intensive case management services such as Blended Case Management or the Community Treatment Team.

ACM supports residents of Bucks County aged 18 and over.  They will assist individuals in understanding and applying for benefits that may be available (ie: Medical Assistance, Food Stamps, Vocational Programs, transportation, and housing programs)

The PATH program (Projects for Assistance in Transition from Homelessness) is a federally funded program which provides assistance to eligible individuals who are homeless or in danger of becoming homeless and who are also experiencing severe and persistent mental illness. The program consists of two outreach case managers who work exclusively with homeless consumers in the central and lower part of Bucks County. They are mobile, meeting the consumer in the community and assist them not only in obtaining emergency housing but also in applying for benefits such as: social security, medical assistance, cash assistance, and subsidized housing. In addition the PATH case managers also assist consumers in linking up with needed clinical services such as mental health and substance abuse treatment.

PATH supports residents of Bucks County aged 18 and over.  The case managers may assist with: locating emergency, temporary or permanent housing; providing short term emergency housing funds or financial assistance to prevent eviction;  applying for Social Security or other benefits; linking individuals to Psychiatric and/or Substance Abuse Treatment.  Referrals require the completion of a PATH referral form and, if possible, should include a copy of a recent Clinical Assessment or Psychiatric Evaluation.

For more information about ACM or PATH please contact Keith Smothers
Ph. 215-750-9643 ext 1521  

Phone Numbers

Please use the following numbers to contact Penndel Mental Health Center:

Outpatient Main Center: (215) 752-1541
Admin/ Outreach Offices: (267) 587-2300
919 Durham Rd Office: (267) 569-1130