Community Treatment Team (CTT)

The Community Treatment Team Program provides comprehensive and intensive outpatient mental health treatment, rehabilitation and support services to persons with serious and persistent mental illness. Services are provided by the principal that individuals with serious mental illness can live successful, independent lives.  The Team is designed to go “to” the consumer in the community, wherever that consumer may be. The CTT treatment philosophy is based on truly “whatever it takes” approach to providing those supports.

CTT serves adults aged 18 and up in Lower Bucks County.  Eligible consumers have a diagnosis which falls within the category of “Serious and Persistent Mental Illness” plus a history that includes frequent and previously unsuccessful outpatient treatment, institutional care, multiple/repeated inpatient admissions and/or Crisis Center visits. Referrals are initiated by the completion of the CTT referral form (available by calling 215-750-7060) and require a recent (within 1 year) psychiatric evaluation which verifies diagnosis and program eligibility requirements.  Medical Assistance or willingness to apply for this benefit is typically required for participation.

Consumers participating in CTT are served in the community up to 6 days per week. The role of CTT professionals is to promote independence, self choice and quality of life.  Services provided through CTT include therapy (individual and group), case management, psychiatric care, vocational services and residential supports. The program operates 24/7 with “on-call” staff available to assist consumers after normal business hours.  Consumers choosing CTT will be asked to end all other behavioral health services when coming into the program, as CTT is an “all inclusive” service.

Forensic Services Program (FSP)

The Forensic Services Program is a specialized part of the Community Treatment Team program, designed for individuals with severe and persistent mental illness who are involved in the criminal justice system in the Bucks County prison and/or Probation/Parole .   The Forensic Services Program can offer individualized field counseling and therapy, case management services, psychiatric medications, and housing supports.  This model is also based upon close collaboration with criminal justice personnel, courts, legal (District Atty. and Public Defenders), other agencies and the County offices.  The goal is to provide tailor-made services to help individuals successfully re-enter and remain in the community without the need for re-incarceration.

Services begin with a referral from the Bucks County Prison or the Bucks County Office Probation/Parole.    The FSP works closely with the Bucks County Office of Probation/Parole;  all referrals must be cleared by their office.  The Bucks County Correctional Facility and CFG (the Prison’s contracted behavioral healthcare provider) carefully screen and refer all cases to FSP.

For more information call 267-569-1130

Phone Numbers

Please use the following numbers to contact Penndel Mental Health Center:

Outpatient Main Center: (215) 752-1541
Admin/ Outreach Offices: (267) 587-2300
919 Durham Rd Office: (267) 569-1130